About us - Nectec System AB

Nextec System AB has its origin in the Swedish telecom and infrastructure construction industry with 50 years of experience from the business behind us. The founders of Nextec System AB have been involved in large scale fiber network deployments in Sweden and internationally over the past 20 years experiencing the real-world challenges from these complex civil works projects in all sorts of environments. Based on these real-world insights we have developed and industrialized the Nextec diamond trenching system together with our technology partners in Germany, Sweden and UK. Our unique end-to-end solution is addressing the major pain-point in most fiber projects – how to get fiber into the ground faster, less disruptive to roads, traffic and people while minimizing the total cost and securing a consistent quality. We strongly believe our system is an important tool to be used as a complement to the existing standard tools available for deployment of fiber based broadband connecting homes, businesses and mobile access points.