Included in the system is far more than just a micro trenching machine. We have combined a carefully designed system with components for planning, trenching, backfill, and reinstatement. The system  is tested and approved in a variety of real life projects. In addition to Nextec system, our costumers will also have access to our operational experience, proposed organization schedules and routines to get the system running from day one. Machines included in the system:

Nextec Diamond trencher DT60

Nextec Diamond trencher with hydraulic powered laying unit. Including two pcs. of 1000 mm diamond blades. Adjustable cutting depth with a max depth of 380 mm.

Duct trailer

Built to carry 24 pcs of 7 mm duct on 500 m drums, 4 pcs of 14 mm duct on 1000 meter drums and search wire.

Wheel loader

Articulated 2,5 ton Wheel loader, Schäffer 2445. Including tools as:
Sweeper bucket
Trench adjuster with hydraulic powered steel brush
Packing wheel
Bucket and forks

Nextec Fill

The nextec fill pump is mounted on a car trailer. 

Nextec Geoscanner


Material Heater


Sealing applicator

Other tools

The Nextec Diamond trenching System can be delivered with all necessary tools needed to start up and operate the system from day one. What should be included can be tailor made to fit just your needs and market. Normaly included in the full system is a 80 km/h registered work shed for tools storage and officespace. The workshed includes workbench, storage racks, office space, microwaves, refrigerator. Electrically power with cable, two batteries built in to power led-lights when placed off grid. 

We can equip the work shed with all tools needed for running and servicing the system. Include tools like: Drill, tool kit, High pressure wash, Power Station 4,5 W, Compressor, Angle grinder, Customized tools for clearing the trench 4 pcs, Impact drill, Drill Oirt auger 2 pcs, Duct pliers, Brooms 3 pcs, Shovels 3 pcs, Spraywheel for painting on streets, Spray bottles 12 pcs, Measuring wheel, white board, loading dock for equipment, work light and more.