Nextec as a method supply partner will provide a lot of advantages for you as a contractor. It will make you a much more progressive and attractive contractor with the option to be able to provide your customer an innovative, efficient and renowned deployment method.

Nextec will be your one stop shop and partner for all necessary machinery, consumables and wear&spare parts required to implement Urban trenching. We can also be assisting you with the estimated cost per meter based on your projects location and costumers’ requirements.

The method minimizes personal injury risks that are most often associated with civil works, it also reduces the risk of damage to third party property. Due to the low impact that it has on the on the traffic flow it will require minimum amount of temporary traffic management with almost no road closures during the installation phase.    

Because of the high capacity this system possesses the number of civil work days per completed connection will be significant lowered in urban FTTH projects.