Municipality/ Road authority

With Nextec method we only have to make a very small cut (26-32 mm). This small insertion leaves a negligible impact on the road surface. The reinstatement materials color can be adjusted to match the existing asphalt, this helps us camouflaging our impact on public roads in your city, regardless of how old the surrounding asphalt is.

One of the main advantages of using this method in densely populated areas is the low requirements of temporary traffic management and, often no roads closure is necessary. The roads can continuously be used by all road users while the installation is ongoing.

Within a few days of commenced work, the entire subsection can be reinstated, almost like we have never been there, and this will have a significant impact on the number of complaints from the residents.

Broadband is almost considered to be one of the community's critical services required by most of the residents, and at present, fiber optics is the most future-proofed medium available, that has the capability to meet the broadband requirements in an unforeseeable future.

Our promise is to deliver the network to your residents as fast and painless as possible.