Why would you as a Network Provider use Nextec's diamond trenching system? 

The big benefit of using Nextec's Diamond trenching system for you as a network provider is the large capacity it can provide. Traditional excavating have a forward speed to up to 55-70 meters a day. With Nextec's method we can produce between 200-350 meter per day and machine.

Another benefit for Network providers to use Nextec's diamond trenching system is that it is a complete system for trenching, deploying, backfilling and sealing. Included in our system is a method and machines for sealing the trench, the sealing can be made just after 24 hours of the deployment. For a Network provider, this means that the network deployment in urban areas suitable for Nextec's diamond trenching can be made with just one entrepreneur and can deliver a complete network of ducts, deployed and sealed within a short time. 

A simple case comparison

What does it take to create an infrastructure for 10 000 homes pass with an average of 11m trench per home?
  Man Hours Machine hours Average output
Traditional trench Crew 16 8 60
Traditional reinstatement Crew 24 24 200m
Total to complete 60m 28 20 -

Nextec Trench Crew




This case is based on
100% traditional rollout

  Man Hours Machine hours
Traditional trench 51333 36667

This case assumes a distribution of
30% traditional and 70% Nextec rollout

  Man Hours Machine hours
30% Traditional & 70% Nextec diamond trenching 25960 16280